Places visits in Rajasthan – Tourists Destination Places Near Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the best tourists attraction place in India which has famous historical places, forts , lakhes and deserts. Rajasthan is the India’s largest state in terms of area and as well as the popular tourists destination for both domestic and international tourists. Rajasthan formerly called as Rajputana that covers an area of 342,239 sq kilometer and majority of area covers with deserts. There is a great fame for traditional culture and civilization in Rajasthan which stands as the cultural heritage of the state. There are thousands of tourists visited Rajasthan every year not only from India but also from world wide. The foreign tourists gave first preference to Rajasthan to see the nature beauty, Hill stations, romantic lakhs, historical forts, deserts, camels etc. This state stands as a part of the Golden Triangle, which includes the cities of Delhi and Agra.

Places visits in Rajasthan

Amber Fort in Jaipur : Amber Fort is located in Jaipur the capital city of Rajasthan. This fort is also called as Amer fort which is the famous historical fort of all the forts in Rajasthan. This was built by Raja Man Singh in the year 1592 with a great Mughal and Rajput  art and architecture and the entire location exhibits the both Hindu and Muslim architecture when visited inside the fort. The white marble and red stone combining of Amber fort , beautiful gardens around the fort, chambers and large rooms, attracts the tourists.

Amber Fort in Jaipur

Chittorgarh Fort : Chittorgarh Fort is famous destination place in Rajasthan which attracts the tourists came from all over India. This historical fort also called as Chittaur from 7th to 16th century and later named as Chittorgarh located in the capital city of Mewar buit by  Maurya rulers in 7th century near the Gambheri River. It covers total 700 acres which is 112km distance from udaipur. There are many famous temples including Jain Temple, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Sammidheshwara Temple and other temples located inside the fort for visiting. 

Chittorgarh Fort

City Palace of Jaipur : City Palace is located in the heart of the Rajasthan built by Sawai Jai Singh II between 1729 and 1732 AD on the banks of lake Pichola. To see the beauty of the City Palace thousands of peoples came every year from various location and enjoy the architecture of the complex palace. There are other famous buildings ‘Chandra Mahal’ and ‘Mubarak Mahal’ are also the part of the City Palace which are built with anurban layout of the city of Jaipur. The city palace architecture reflects the Mughal, Rajput, and European architecture style. This is the popular tourist hotpot in Rajasthan that one must see while visiting Jaipur.

city palace

Hawa Mahal : Hawa Mahal is one of the popular tourists attraction visited location located on the Pink City of Jaipur. This was called as palace of the winds built in 1799 by Maharaja sawai pratap singh. Hawa Mahal is the most frequent visited place in Rajasthan which shows the Rajput style architecture and the structure of the palace attracts all the tourists and it provides a window into the character of the city. There are 953 windows in front of the great monument which was for the purpose of the ladies have to view the street outside without having been seen from outside.

Hawa Mahal

Alwar : Alwar is the most visited city in the state of Rajasthan built by Kachwaha Rajput Ruler Pratap Singh in 1770. This famous city was located on the Alwar district in Rajasthan that covers 160 km south of Delhi and 150 km north of Jaipur The Fort of , The Karni Mata Temple, the Historic site of Pandupole, and the Sariska Tiger Reserve and others are the just a few of the tourists attraction places in the city. Thera are some remarkable palaces, colorful bazars and the  leafy avenues present in the city to attracts the tourists.