Different places to visit in India for Dasara Celebrations

Different places to visit in India for Dasara Celebrations.

Many people, many places and large family. Yes boss! This is India, don’t think more just pack your bags and get ready for India trip for this Dasara.

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In India we have many places to visit in dasara for special celebrations tribal to urban all over India. We celebrate for the winning goodness on badness it may be in any form of Idol or Shakthi.

In Kolkata Shakthi is known as Kali Mata and their celebrations begins with Durga Puja,Mysore Dasara is the Nadahabba of the state of Karnataka in India. It is a 10-day festival, starting with Navaratri and the last day being Vijayadashami.

Kolkata (West Bengal)

In Kolkata Shakthi is known as Kali Mata and their celebrations begins with Durga Puja (or Pujo, as Bengalis say) literally transforms Kolkata into the city of joy.

Hyderabad (Telangana)

Perl city which also known as Hyderabad and at this time is also known as flowers festival called as Bathukamma…


Andhra Pradesh (Ongole)

Let’s go to Andhra Pradesh where this festival is done as Ayudha Pooja in Ongole which is the festival of weapon of God’s kept under Neem tree this celebration is called as Paruvata.

Chhattisgarh (Bester)

All the region’s major tribes, brightly dressed in traditional attire, are involved. Some of the rituals and ceremonies are rather rigorous and unusual (a girl swinging on a bed of thorns, a youth buried shoulder-deep in a pit for nine days, and mediums possessed by the local deities roaming early on the roads), and there’s much energetic dancing and drumming in Chhattisgarh(Bester).

New Delhi (Delhi)

Dussehra celebrations in Delhi are the Ramlila performances that take place in the evenings all over the city. The plays re-enact scenes from the much loved Hindu epic The Ramayana. They tell the life story of Lord Rama, culminating with his defeat and burning of the demon Ravan on the tenth day, Dussehra. These days, many of the performances are going hi-tech, and have impressive theatrics and fireworks.

Karnataka (Mysore)

In Mysore, Dussehra honours the Goddess Chamundeswari, who killed the great demon Mahishasura. Mysore Palace is dazzlingly illuminated by almost 100,000 light bulbs. Numerous activities and cultural performances are held. The festival ends with a traditional procession through the streets, featuring an idol of the Goddess Chamundeshwari carried atop a lavishly decorated elephant. In the evening, there’s a torch-light parade on the outskirts of the city.

Himachal Pradesh (Kullu Manali)

Kullu manali is well known for enjoyment but in this it’s well known for unlike other Dussehra celebrations in India, effigies of Ravan aren’t burned at this week-long festival. On the first day, Goddess Hadimba is carried from the temple in Manali down to Kullu, where she’s taken to the palace and blessed by the royal family. She then goes to Dhalpur and is joined by the idol of Lord Raghunath (Lord Rama, the presiding deity).

Rajasthan (Jaipur)

It’s time for pink city, this Dussehra celebration is a huge fair (mela) with a rural feel. Artisans come from far and wide to sell their wares, and there are cultural programs and performances. Villagers also gather in traditional dress to offer prayers to Lord Rama and to celebrate his victory over Ravan.

Uttarakhand (Almora)

On Dussehra, the streets of mountainous Almora (Uttarakhand) are overtaken with a motley assortment of villains from The Ramayana. They’re made by local groups and paraded across town before being set ablaze by the crowd.

Tamil Nadu (Madras)

This is known as Bommala kolluvu in the state of Tamil Nadu, these toys are treated as gods and goddess for the days, and they look like group of students sitting together like convocation & every year one or two member’s increases…..

Gujarat (Ahmadabad)

Dance in this Dasara on the name of Lord, this is the colours of Ahmadabad for 10days. Garba dance may be most famous all over India but at this time Ahmadabad is known it…. The style of dressing & way of dancing is highlight of Navaratri….

Kerala (Sabarimala)

Let’s move to Kerala which is well known for elephants, 100 elephants of a family are serving in Kerala and that time lord. The bulk energy looks like peeks in South India, which gives strong roots of India in Dasara.

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