Hot Tips to Make Business Travel and Tadoba Tiger Resort Visit Easier

Business travel even for the most seasoned executive can present a lot of challenges. You not only need to get ready with your presentations, and plan for productive meetings but also plan your itinerary, flight, hotel and Bus ticket bookings, and pack your luggage in a way that is the least tricky and keeps you from running from pillar to post. If you seem to be perpetually travelling, then you need to keep in mind the following hot tips that will make your life significantly easier, while on business trips or leisure travel.

Keep an Essentials-Kit Ready


If you need to depart at very short notice, the last thing you would want to fret about is whether you have remembered to pack all you essential stuff such as toiletries, and cell phone chargers and data cables. Make a checklist and keep a set of these items packed and ready so that you do not have to worry about forgetting a toothbrush or even a pen.

Include Disposable Items


While the trick is to plan out what you need to pack very intelligently, you can cut a few corners by including items that are old and can easily be discarded if you are short on space while returning. Discarding an old T-shirt will not cause you much anguish, while you may be able to generate enough space for a travel memento. It is also a good way of auto spring-cleaning, if you happen to travel a lot.

Do Not Forget To Carry Leisure Clothing



When completely focused on preparing for important business meetings, it is very easy to forget about the afterhours, especially stuff to wear if a colleague invites you home or you need to go for your habitual morning jog. Pack in a couple of sweatshirts, shorts, and a pair of jeans or even a casual shirt so that you can hit the ground running after the end of business for the day. If your travel plans include a quick jungle safari visit for some great tips and an enjoyable experience. Plan a trip to Tadoba Tiger Resort by Booking bus ticket online through . eTravelsmart provides a wide range of bus services to Tadoba Tiger Resort from all over India.

Avoid Check-In Baggage


The best way to travel is to travel light, and the best way to travel light is to stick to luggage that can accompany you in the plane’s cabin. A little bit of thought into what you could possibly need during your trip will normally be sufficient for you to filter out stuff that you will not need, and get it all in into a piece that the airline will allow. Remember you are permitted to carry a laptop bag in addition to your cabin baggage so your office papers can in most cases be stuffed into it. Not having check-in baggage saves you the hassle of waiting at the baggage carousel and from the anxiety that your luggage may well have been lost leaving you high and stranded.

Enroll For Frequent Flier Program

If are really burning up the miles in flights, you should definitely enroll yourself in a frequent flier program as the points you will be accumulate can often be enough for some leisure travel after some time that will be entirely free. You can also save a lot of time by bypassing conventional security checks at airports by registering with pre-check programs of the like of Global Entry. Find out if your credit cards allow you access to the airport lounges so that you are less stressed before boarding.

Familiarize Yourself with Exchange and Cellular Rates


Though it is unlikely that you will be travelling with much cash, it still pays to be familiar with the exchange rates of the various currencies that you would be dealing with during your trip. Also be aware of the terms and conditions associated with the use of your credit cards, especially if you intend to withdraw cash against them.


Get Your Travel Documents in Order


Even though it may seem common sense, there are far too many people scrabbling around to locate their tickets, boarding passes, identity proof, passports, etc. Print you boarding pass early on and keep it handy with your passport and / or any other proof of identity; carry all these documents on your person preferably so that your check-in can progress smoother.


Author bio: Sujain Thomas is a senior manager in charge of the travel desk at a leading business hotel. A travel junkie herself, Sujain writes prolifically on a number of travel and wildlife websites, including vente en ligne de  


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