Top Places to Celebrate New Year Event in India

Pondichary : Pondichary is the former capital of France territories of India and the coastal place in Tamilnadu. It is the best desired destination to celebrate New Year with friends and family members. There are famous beaches in Pondichary to organize new year events and enjoy the celebrations. It is a place of distinct culture of both Tamilnadu and French and here the night party celebrations gives a memorable experience of delightful and unique. Apart from beaches there are variety of Restaurants of providing delicious sea food and drinks in the New Year Party. 



Goa : Goa is the perfect New year destination to enjoy the New year night with parties. There are so many places in Goa to make celebrations and it is a location of several beautiful places that contains pubs, beaches, resorts and bars. Goa beaches and resorts make special arrangements on this special day of organizing night parties with music and dances of having fun and also provide traditional sea food to the tourists to eat. People not only in India but also from global visit this place to celebrate New Year festival and enjoy.


New Delhi : The capital city of India is the best place that one can celebrate New Year . Delhi is the most visited place in India at the time New Year celebrations and the city contains bunch of hotels that arranged parties to make fun. There are so many historical places in Delhi that exhibit the Indian art and architecture and so for that reason Delhi is considered as the artistic heaven. Connought place is the most visited location in Delhi on New Year day to celebrate the festival with dance parties and themed parties.


Mumbai: If you want to celebrate night parties for New Year with great joy and cheerful then Mumbai is the correct place. Mumbai is also called as Mayanagari the financial capital of India which obviously number of people came here from different places to celebrate New Year. This is the suitable place for organizing expensive partiies and special night events in the Pubs. There are beautiful beaches, historical places and star hotels around Mumbai to celebrate New Year with your friends and family members.



Manali :Manali is the most beautiful snowfall region with an altitude of 2,050 m in the Bease river. It is one of the famous hill station in Indial located on the Himachal Pradesh and it is top destination place to celebrate New Year in the winter season. The snowfall, pine trees, fruit orchids and snow sports activities welcomes the tourists to celebrate the New Year. Manali natural beauty, chilly mountain wind blowing and the snowy cheer gives a great spirit to organize parties to celebrate year end..



Rajesthan : There are many places in Rajesthan for New Year celebrations. Udiapur and Jaipur are the famous tourist destination and holiday spending places in Rajesthan, which is popular for historical Rajputana Palaces , hill stations and handicraft markets. There are number of hotels which provides luxurious Rooms and Royal Residences for the people comming from the different locations to clelebrate New Year celebrations. Make a plane to celebrate New Year in Rajesthan with your family members and it will gives a memorable experience in your life.