Just Pay 20%* to Book Bus Tickets Online across India

Now bus ticket booking is easier with advance features from eTravelSmart.com. Various special features like “Price Filter”, “Time Filter”, “ Seat Availability filters” and many more helps passengers to book bus tickets within few minutes without any trouble.Watch Brothers (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

For This New Year eTravelSmart come up with special Deal on booking bus tickets online across India. Passengers are able to book bus tickets by just paying minimal amount to total cost of bus ticket, i.e: By paying 20% to 30% of total cost to bus ticket price, passengers are able to book bus tickets without any issues.  Remaining amount will be paid by eTravelSmart on behalf of passengers.

Just pay 20% To Book Bus Ticket
Just pay 20% To Book Bus Ticket

Once initial payment is done, passengers are able to access their bus ticket as “Partially confirmed Bus Ticket”, as passengers paid only minimal amount. Even though passengers paid minimal amount, bus ticket will be confirmed from our end. Once passengers paid remaining amount, partial confirmed tickets going to convert into confirmed ticket. The remaining amount to be paid can be paid at any point of time before certain time to passenger’s date of journey.

Passengers are going to get detailed SMS in every stage of advance bus ticket booking with eTravelSmart. Our smart remainder SMS’s going to send you smart remainders about remaining amount to be paid to confirm your bus ticket.
Enjoy Bus Ticket Booking by just paying minimal amount with eTravelSmart.com


Advance Booking in eTravelSmart

Advance booking in eTravelsmart is industry first of its kind features in online bus booking. Customers can pay partial amount of ticket fare and book, ticket is confirmed upon full payment.

More info visit www.eTravelsmart.com

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